Jeunes de l'UDB. L’Union démocratique bretonne (UDB) est un parti de gauche, autonomiste et écologiste.

The UDB Youth


Born in 2007, the UDB Youth gathering UDB activists who are under 35 years old allows to discover the activist world and to debate with the comrades through an open, efficient and simple organization.

The UDB Youth is a great gateway to support the green, pro-autonomy and inclusing breton movement.


The UDB Youth is autonomous and organizes freely. It has an horizontary organization allowing free expression and cooperation within the group.

We give ourselves different missions so that the work is efficiently done, without overloading certain comrades.

Youth Weekends

Pretty often, during school holidays, we organize a weekend in Brittany gathering voluntary comrades. Not only pleasant, this weekend allows us to militate and to organize for the future actions.

Meetings and congress –

Monthly meetings online allows us to agree on further action and to decide on the policy to hold at the political bureau of the UDB via our delegate.

Other activities

We are supporters of civil disobedience.

The UDB Youth also allows to debate on topics concerning the youth.

Plus, we have walked in support of daily use railways.

Social media –

Mastodon, Pixelfed, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook