Jeunes de l'UDB. L’Union démocratique bretonne (UDB) est un parti de gauche, autonomiste et écologiste.

Our perspective

We want an ecological society. Nature, which we are a part of, shouldn’t be considered as a constraint we must get rid of. Instead, we should live in peace – free – therein.

We advocate for autonomy, including that of the peoples. It is the ability to decide one’s own rules and to freely choose one’s constraints and interdependencies. The goal is to avoid any utter dependence, non-consensual. Liberty is a state achieved once autonomous within a society where everyone is autonomous too.

We promote a solidary society. Solidarity is a mutual help and support aiming at fighting oppression, and also mutual aid and cooperation to achieve our goals. We cannot think of a society of autonomy and ecology without solidarity. Liberty is a common good which must be protected by all. Struggles – whether it is against oppression, natural or technological disasters – cannot succeed without solidarity.

We fight for the protection of our cultures and languages. Because of the uniformization generated by nation-states, colonial policies and then globalization, our cultures and languages suffer. Their vibrancy – participating to human diversity – is endangered and must be protected so that the spirit of each minorized people can survie.