Jeunes de l'UDB. L’Union démocratique bretonne (UDB) est un parti de gauche, autonomiste et écologiste.

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Joining a political party means recognize that collective action is the best way to obtain improvements in society as uniting around a project allows to work at its achievement. As we use to say: « alone, I go faster, but together we go further ».

Nowadays the youth turns away political parties, often because of the gap between politicians’ claims and the citizens’ needs, but also because of political scandals damaging political action recognition. A sort of consumerism in activism has also risen. Plus, the idea that joining a political party is constraining remains.

The UDB is a local party so decision-making is decentralized and allows a large participation by activists. It isn’t dependent on « Paris ». The idea is to « think globally, act locally ». The UDB is a place for debate where anyone can speak in respect of others, no one loses any freedom! By joining the UDB you can militate efficiently, on the long-run, as our campaign on housing proved. Furthermore, getting involved in the UDB doesn’t impede any additionnal commitment!

If you are considering joining, either to just support our action or to militate actively, you can contact us first. We will answer any question you may have.