Jeunes de l'UDB. L’Union démocratique bretonne (UDB) est un parti de gauche, autonomiste et écologiste.

“Festimanif”of Nantes: a big success for UDBy

EFAyOver 10 000 demonstrated last Saturday to demand the reunification of Brittany (the Loire Atlantique’s department is not part of the administrative region of Brittany since 1941), but also to demand rights for the Breton’s language and more powers for the region….

The Breton Democratic Union (UDB) was very noticable in the demonstration. More than 250 of its members and at least the same number of supporters protested in different groups (from elected people to the association of “Bretagne Réunie”). A yellow wave to demand the real recognition of Breton culture and a real power to save it.

This demonstrators were really young, which is a very good news for the cultural movement. The UDB was the biggest party to be represented. The Youth of UDB chanted slogans like “we want it, we’ll have it, reunification”, “from Brest to Clisson, one Breton people”, “justice for Breton”, “one solution: autonomy for Brittany”…

Nantes will not forget the 20th September 2008, even if the newspaper wrote that only 6000 people attended the protest! With the pipebands and dancing, Nantes won, on Saturday at least, its nickname as the capital of Brittany.

Pour lire ce communiqué sur le blog de l’EFA youth – ALE Jeunes

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