Jeunes de l'UDB. L’Union démocratique bretonne (UDB) est un parti de gauche, autonomiste et écologiste.

Lettre de l’UDBy au Cymru X

Lorient / An Oriant
UDBY_gwenSunday, the 4th of May
(Envoyée mercredi 7 mai)

From the UDBy to the Cymru X


Dear friends,

With a lot of happiness, we learned that your party won some seats in the local elections last 1st May. We would like to congratulate you for these 33 seats with which you reach 207 seats in Wales.

Unfortunatly, this « best ever local government results for Plaid Cymru » as Adam Price said is spoiled by the loss of Gwynedd. In exchange, you received more votes than ever in the History of Plaid Cymru (except the « earthquake of 1999 »). More than that, your results are more evenl distributed throughout the whole of Wales.

We hope that this increase of representation could help to strengthen the links between Wales and Brittany and of course between our two political parties. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to repeat my invitation to attend the Interceltic Festival in Lorient this August (this year Wales is the invited nation from 1st to 10 of august 2008).

Gael Briand
Member of the EFAy bureau and person in charge of International Relations for Youth of UDB.

Post-scriptum : copy of this letter to Jill Evans, Rhisiart Talebot and Plaid Cymru

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